Product Development details....

  • Hardware Design
  • Software Design
  • Mechanical Design

Design Review
HTE engineers evaluate designs for improvements and problems. A design review with fresh eyes can uncover issues before they become problems.

A HTE design review has a flexible structure usually lasting between two days and two weeks.

  • Technical expertise:
    • Communications Systems
    • Digital Circuits
    • A/D & D/A Conversion
    • Embedded Systems
    • Analog Circuits
    • DSP, audio, video
    • ASIC/FPGA Design
    • Software
    • Manufacturing

    HTE Reviews:
    System designs - simple or complex, chip/board/box level Electronic designs - digital, analog, RF, control, communication Software designs - real time, embedded, firmware.
    Worst Case Analysis Review - timing, loading, analog, link margin 
    For Inquiries:
    Send NDA and prepare a description or email.

Manufacturing Services details....

  • Pre-Production Manufacturing Support
  • Production Manufacturing Support

Field Testing details....

  • Product Range Testing
  • Product Evaluation for Range and Reliability

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