Product Development
Project Management
Product Specifications
Hardware Design

  • Analog and Digital Design
  • CPLD and FPGA Design
  • Power Supply and DC/DC Converter Design
  • Embedded Processor Design
  • Industry Standard Bus Interface Design
  • Wireless Technologies Design
  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout

Software Design

  • Embedded Software Design
  • Device Drivers Design
  • DSP Design
  • RTOS
  • Linux, uClinux
  • WindowsXP, Visual Basic
  • GUI Interface Design

Mechanical Design

  • Mechanical Packaging Design
  • Environmental Studies
  • Autocad, Solidworks Entry
  • Training
  • Prototype and Mockups

Design Review details....
HTE engineers evaluate new and existying designs for product improvement opportunities. A design review can:

  • Find Root Causes of Existing Problems
  • Eliminate Design Deficiencies

Manufacturing Services details.....

  • Pre-Production Manufacturing Support
  • Production Manufacturing Support

Field Testing details...

  • Product Range Testing
  • Product Evaluation for Range and Reliability

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